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Nyege Nyege gave birth to my photography career and for that reason I have dedicated this special page in honor of this year's Nyege Nyege for their followers/lovers to have an access to exclusive coverage (Pictures and videos) of Nyege Nyege  by my photography and videography team through my website and my social media pages

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Nyege Nyege festival 2019 edition is by far the best I have ever attended. The event was well organized from the security check point, internal security, to performances, to the allocation of special service tents, weather among others! This year Nyege Nyege had over 200 artists and over 5 stages. Performances and entertainment were lit from day one till day four. I myself had a blast and this years nyege nyege gave each attendee a chance to chose the music theme they enjoyed most. Bell Jamz stage was my favorite and my friends and I made it a home. Bantu Vibes lit it up and they gave Kenyans one hell of entertainment. Most Kenyans never left that stage because Kenyan music and culture was well represented. I could describe the theme of this year's festival as "Party after Party" because indeed that's what it was all about from day one to the last day of nyege nyege!

I got to talk to Aly Alhibai, one of Nyege Nyege festival organizers and CEO Talent Africa, who at this event also celebrated 10 years of Talent Africa.  Aly told me that Nyege Nyege of 2015 was the one that opened the big door  for this big achievement they have reached today. He told me that the first event had about 500 to 600 attendees and from then it has grown to attract thousands and thousands of people from all over the world.

I captured these photos with my colleague, Rogers Magada please check them out and enjoy! In case you would love to use my pictures for any publication please send us an email to avoid any copy right infringement.