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Festo and Brigdet Kasule

There are 2 kinds of people: those that know every detail of what they want and those that allow us to create. At Giselda Sensation, we love working with both of them.

From the onset, Bridget knew almost everything that she wanted and this made our work easier. She wanted to redefine simplicity and blue weddings. “I don’t want a white wedding”, she maintained. She is with a love for greenery and rustic.

Unlike what we are accustomed to, Festo and Bridget sat at the entrance of their 400 seater multiflex tent (at the same level with their guests) across from a raised platform that hosted the band and Silverback DJz. Clad in white to match their cake, that was enough white for their bespoke wedding. A candle lit stair case ushered in their guests and doubled as their background for a homely feel.

Blue hydrangea, green hydrangea, red hydrangea, blue peony and blue rose flowers ruled the day complemented by floating candles. “I desire to have low center pieces to give the band and greenery in the ceiling visibility”, she added.

We enjoyed creating the bouquets, photo booth, bar/lounge space and the entire sensation at the reception.

Special thanks goes to Nelly Salvatore Photography and Apryl Blooms (your professionalism is commendable).

With a grateful heart, we at Giselda Sensation wish to dedicate this to Julie Odur and Adrian Aturinda. Thank you for nurturing us.

GS Management Team