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Lion King 2019 Movie Poster by Nelly Salvatore

Photo manipulation techniques maybe used to alter or transform a photograph or combining a couple of photographs to achieve desired results. Photo manipulation can be used to create skillful artwork while sometimes it could be used to create images that can be used to deceive the public or to make a product or a person look better.

A couple of weeks ago, I embarked on a journey to teach myself photo manipulation through YouTube tutorials. One of my favorite channels is for Rafy who uses special and inspiring skills to create stunning images. His channel will change your life just like it has already done to mine if you are a fan of photo manipulation.

Stock used to create the poster. I downloaded these from unsplash.com

After doing a lot of trials and errors I challenged myself to create a Lion King 2019 Movie Poster using some skills that I learnt from those tutorials. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, I put up a couple of pictures together to create this stunning image below as a personal tribute to the best movie in the world currently. Let me know what you think about this piece below in the comments section.

Lion King 2019 Movie Poster after Photo Manipulation

Click here to download a High Resolution image for your personal use. Please use with credit to Nelly Salvatore Photography