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Nyege Nyege gave birth to my photography career

​In 2016 I traveled to Jinja to work on my Clean Cookstove project and that was the time I learnt that Nyege Nyege was happening again after missing out the previous year.

By then I was working as a Bio-energy Technician with an organization called CREEC based at Makerere University.

My job basically focused on conducting laboratory tests for cookstove performances aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions like Carbon monoxide, Particulate Matter, Black Carbon among others. While working at CREEC, I realized that I needed a good camera to document my work using photography and videography. I then purchased my first camera which was Canon 70D.

While at Nyege Nyege, I pulled out my camera and started shooting mostly stage performances of course using “Auto Mode” since I didn’t know much about photography and my camera that I had only owned for about three weeks. As I was shooting, a gentleman approached me and asked if I could capture a footage of his artists who were about to perform. These were from Eritrea and he asked how much I could charge for a raw footage of about five minutes. I dint even have an idea of how much I could charge him but he said that he would offer me 50,000 Ugx ($13) for just a raw footage of about five minutes and I just transfer it to his laptop there and then. Wow, it sounded like a deal! I was excited because I had never earned such money for almost doing nothing while having fun and moreover from a job outside my profession. It was from that moment that I realized that I could actually earn money from my camera while having fun on job than being confined in a laboratory most of my time as a scientist. From that moment I have never looked back and it has now been three good years doing photography and videography and loving it!

In 2017, I was hired by Talent Africa as their official photographer at Nyege Nyege.

Nyege Nyege reminds me of a similar event that I enjoyed attending while I was in USA called Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest, a free, three-day music festival held each August in historic downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. This made me fall in love with Nyege Nyege the more and I have never missed any single edition.

Below are some of the pictures I've taken at Nyege Nyege since 2016.

Thanks to Nyege Nyege press team headed by Derek for the media passes they give me each year.

This year I have dedicated a special page on my website and social media pages (instagram, facebook , twitter and Youtube) in honor of Nyege Nyege for their followers/lovers to have an access to exclusive coverage (Pictures and videos) of Nyege Nyege in real time by my photography and videography team through my website and my social media pages.